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Food Swap

The food eXchange is a local, ethical food group for small scale farm and home grown produce in Seymour and surrounds. We don't buy food from strangers!

Local food swaps are a great way to be better connected to your food, get to know your local community, reduce food miles, consumerism, packaging, waste and environmental impacts from certain types of agriculture and food production.

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If you've got locally grown food you’d like to swap or sell then feel free to let everyone know right here in the food eXchange. We encourage anyone with an excess of produce to share it with our group members. In doing so you’ll be helping your friends and neighbours avoid the supermarkets and reduce buying food from strangers. If you're a small scale local farm or just producing some home grown backyard fruit, veg, preserves etc, it’s time to share the spoils. Please keep in mind that our group members prefer chemical free, ethically grown and raised food.

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