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Bulk Foods

BEAM Mitchell Environment Group has partnered with Out on a Lim to provide a bulk food scheme to the residents of the Mitchell and surrounding shires. The Beam Bulk Food Scheme aims to obtain local, organic, bio-dynamic and ethically produced foods at an affordable cost. This scheme is open to anyone in our local community.  

Why buy food in bulk?

  • To obtain better quality food direct from farmers, wholesalers and producers, thereby reducing ‘food miles’ and waste.

  • To reduce single use plastic packaging and waste by using your own reusable containers.

  • To contribute to the resilience of your community by building local food security.

  • To reduce your reliance on the big supermarkets and their control over our food system.

  • To build a network of like-minded people and share knowledge about local food, farms, markets, recipes and other food-related activities.

How does it work?

The Bulk Food Scheme (BFS) takes orders four times per year. Our BFS Coordinator is paid an honorarium to find and review the latest products, liaise with suppliers, coordinate delivery of goods, process orders and facilitate the dividing up days. The BFS Coordinator also provides a food safe commercial venue for storing and dividing the bulk foods. To help meet the principles of the BFS, we encourage participants to get involved where they can, and assist with the following:

  • Ensure your orders are submitted by the due date.

  • Ensuring you have suitable storage containers for your order, and the containers are delivered prior to the dividing up day, unless you intend to be there yourself.

  • Assist with logistics such as transporting goods from suppliers or to other BFS participants.

  • Assist on dividing up days with bulk food order processing and weighing of goods. Note our Divy Day Helpers are eligible for a discount on each order.

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Ordering Bulk Foods

The BEAM Bulk Food Scheme operates three times per year.


Please read the Terms of Use & Instructions before proceeding to the online store.

Online ordering is only available to BEAM BFS Members.

The store stocks a range of items including:

Dried fruits

Flours & Baking Goods

Grains & Rice

Herbs & Spices

Household Cleaning

Legumes & Pulses

Meals & Brans

Nuts & Seeds


Sugars & Syrups

Tea & Coffee


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